Video Game Chat

Social Networking Event Invitations

Cyber Bullying

Social Networking Status Updates

​Social Networking Posting Pictures

What is Encouragement?

Having a Sense of Humor

Common Sense

Your Opinion Matters

What Makes You Special

Is This The Right Time?

I Don't Understand My Parents

Being an Attentive Listener

Respecting Privacy

​Sharing Spaces


Class Topics

Job Skills

Class Topics


Class Topics


Class Topics

The Bad Reputation



Dealing with Differences

​Dealing with Rejection


Class Topics


Class Topics

Cyber Safety

Class Topics

What Could I Do?​

Asking For Help Politely

Who Can Help You

Waiting Out a Problem

Decision Making

Paying Attention to the Task

Following Specific Instructions

Completing Assignments on Time

Doing it Right the First Time

​Text Anxiety

Autism Parenting Magazine

Filling out an Application

Making a Good Impression

Dealing with Co Workers

Dealing with a Difficult Boss


*In addition students will practice filling out applications and participate in a mock interview.

Problem Solving

Class Topics

Safety when Meeting New People

​   (Stranger Danger)

General Community Safety

Respecting Property

Manners Do Matter


Classroom Skills

Class Topics

Self Esteem

Class Topics



Autism Magazine Top Social Skills Award

Asking Personal Questions

Friends with Friends

Conflicting Events

Personal Space

​Being Trustworthy

Self Control

Class Topics


Friends Don't Get You Into Trouble

Apologizing and Accepting the Blame


Dealing with Rejection

​Parents Dislike Your Friend

Dealing with Anger and

   Recognizing Trigger Words

Maintaining Self Control

Avoiding Arugments

Anger Reactions

​Controlling What You Show

You can build your own curriculum by choosing the classes that are right for your child.  

Classes cost $25 each and all billing is invoiced through Paypal.

Financial aid is available for qualifying families.  Please email us for more information.

Space is limited to 6 students per class.  Classes are 1 hour each week.

All classes are live online interactive classes with a certified instructor.